LoneColor Sets Random Solid Color Wallpapers in Android

Depending on the our mood, we like or dislike the same things at different times of the day. For example, you may want to have a Star Wars movie theme in your Android smart phone one day, but you may want to change it to your dogs picture on some other day. Some people actually do not like any picture as the smartphone wallpaper at all. They use solid colors as the background images in Android as well as their notebook or desktop computers. If you also prefer a solid color wallpaper in Android phones, then you are going to love the LoneColor app.

As the name suggests, the LoneColor app uses only one single color to be your Android phone’s wallpaper. After you have installed this app, you can just touch its shortcut icon to choose a random color as your wallpaper. You can keep touching the app shortcut until you get the color of your choice.

LoneColor for Android

The LoneColor app does not come with any user interface at all. However, it still allows you to specify a color of your own in a different way. You have to google for  hex color codes, find a website (e.g., http://www.color-hex.com/) that lists all the hex color codes and then copy one of the color codes to the clipboard. For example, you can copy #0066ff to the clipboard by first selecting it and then touching the Copy button in Opera browser. After this all you have to do is touch on the LoneColor shortcut icon and it will change the color to the one you have copied to the clipboard.

Conclusion: You can have randomly picked solid color backgrounds in Android smartphone using the LoneColor app. It can randomly pick colors for solid colored wallpapers or you can specify a hex color code to be used for the wallpaper.

You can download the LoneColor app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appgramming.lonecolor.