Make Regular Wired Headphones Wireless with Bluetooth Adapter

You realize the importance of having a wireless headphone when you are watching a horror movie like Tenebre late at night and do not want anyone else in your house to be disturbed. With wireless headphones, you can also enjoy your music collection or listen to talk radio shows without having to carry your mobile phone everywhere you go. But why buy those expensive wireless headphones when you can convert any of your regular wired headphones wireless by using a simple Bluetooth adpater. These Bluetooth adapters attach to the 3.5 mm audio jack of your headphones and instantly turn them wireless. So basically, you can use any type of headphones or earphones and make them wireless.

There are a huge variety of Bluetooth adapter for this purpose. All of them have in-built battery which must be charged and a separate USB charger cable comes specially for this. You can attach one end this USB charger cable to the microUSB port of the Bluetooth adapter and other end to the USB charger of your phone or your PC’s USB port.

Wireless Headphone Bluetooth Adapter

After it has been fully charged, you can switch it on and attach the 3.5 mm audio jack from your headphones or earphones to the Bluetooth adapter. It will be instantly detected in your mobile phone, PC or other devices capable of broadcasting audio over the Bluetooth. Now that your Bluetooth device is paired, you can walk around with your headphones on your head and listen to the music or anything else that you want on your wireless headphones.

Verdict: If you do not want to spend lots of money to buy wireless headphones, then you can spend a little for buying Bluetooth adapter which comes for around US $ 20. The same Bluetooth adapter lets you convert any wired headphone or earphones into wireless ones instantly.