Meerkat : Stream Videos to Twitter Followers

Availability of broadband internet all over the world has made it possible for the internet users to connect with each other using video streams. They are no longer limited to using ages old email messages, messengers or text based social networking apps. Facebook and Twitter have both realized it and this is why they have added the option to post pre-recorded videos or stream live video content to your followers on these social networking platforms. Twitter, for example, has acquired Periscope which is an app for streaming live videos to the twitter followers. But Periscope, for some reason known only to Twitter, is limited to iPhone users only – it cannot be installed on Android.

If you are using Android based mobile device, then you can use Meerkat instead which, although a third party app, works on both the Android and the iOS based devices. Meerkat requires you to sign in using your Twitter credentials. This is necessary so that it can notify your twitter followers about your new streams. For authorization, you should also have the official Twitter app installed in your Android device.

Meerkat for Android

Once you have authorized the Meerkat app with your Twitter account, you can watch the live streaming videos by other users. Meerkat lists all the community picked broadcasts for you to watch. During the broadcast, you can post a comment, tweet or retweet about the broadcast or make it your favorite. You can also search for a Twitter user to watch their broadcasts.

For your own broadcasts, you will have to supply your live stream’s brief description (e.g., cooking the salmon fish, basking in the sun, cleaning the closet etc.) and either schedule the streaming or start streaming right away.

Meerkat for Android

Conclusion: With the help of Meerkat, Twitter is no longer just a text based social networking platform. Now you can broadcast live video streaming to all of your twitter followers using the Meerkat app.

You can get the Meerkat app from