How to Tell if Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is Genuine or a Clone

Remember the days when people used to sell fake Rolex watches on the streets of New York. These watches looked like genuine Rolex watches and gullible people often paid as much as US$ 1,000 for them, but a close scrutiny revealed that they were just cheap replicas of Rolex watches. I know this because my brother once bought such a Rolex watch for me. Now the same thing is happening with Samsung Galaxy smart phones. As soon as, Samsung announced the launch of their new Galaxy S6, you can see fake Galaxy S6 clones everywhere both online and offline. If you are not careful enough, you can end up getting one of these cheap Galaxy S6 clones for your hard earned money.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Clones

Here is how you can tell the Samsung Galaxy S6 clones apart from real ones:

  1. Ask the seller – Yes it sounds dumb, but if you just plainly ask those guys selling online or on the street, they will immediately tell you with a smile that “it is as good as the real thing and you won’t have any problem at all”. But it may not work all the time.
  2. Check the back cover – The back cover in cheap clones is made of plastic unlike the glass cover in original Galaxy S6. You can tell the difference by feeling the cover with your fingers and gently tapping on it.Samsung Galaxy S6 Clones
  3. Cheap screen display – Original Samsung Galaxy S6 uses Super AMOLED display, so you won’t see the small pixels even if you look closely. While the cheap Galaxy clones use is a cheaper display (to bring down the cost) and in most likelihood you would be able to spot the small pixels when you look closely.
  4. Run Antutu Benchmark – Samsung Galaxy S6 clones are rigged with modified Android OS so that even when you check the Android Settings, it won’t reveal the true hardware of the phone. But you can run Antutu Benchmark on the phone and after running the benchmark, check the info section for viewing the real hardware specs. The original Galaxy S6 has 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, 16 mega-pixel camera,and screen resolution of 1440×2560. But in clones all these values are different – usually 1 GB RAM, 4 GB storage, 8 mega-pixel camera and resolution of only 540×960.Samsung Galaxy S6 Clones

Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy S6 clones are everywhere online or offline. If you are buying from a small shop, some online store from where you have never shopped before or from ebay, then you can easily check if the Samsung Galaxy S6 you have bought is original or just a cheap clone.