Wincmder Shellex Shows Folder Contents in Right-Click Menu

When you are looking for a file located in some of the folders, then you have to open each of these folders one by one to find that file. Yes, you can also use the Windows Search, but that does not really work under some special situations. This tiring exercise of opening a series of folders one after another is very annoying and frustrating. You can save yourself from repeated frustration caused by these folder opening ordeals by using the free shell extension for Windows called Wincmder Shellex. With this shell extension installed, you can right-click on any folder to view its contents.

This way you no longer have to open folders to check what is inside them, but you can just right click on any folder to see a list of all the files inside them. The Wincmder Shellex extension must be installed in a very unorthodox fashion – you have to extract all the files from the downloaded ZIP archive, then right-click on the wincmder-shellex-install.bat and choose Run as administrator. That’s it. Immediately after this you can go forth and start right-clicking to check what is hiding inside a folder. The regular context-menu can still be accessed through the Normal section.

Wincmder Shellex


This is not all, you can also change the way the contents of a folder are displayed in the right-click context menu. Again, it takes a very unusual approach to change the way it appears – you have to run wincmder-shellex-config-custom.bat file (with administrator privileges, of course) to give the context-menu a clean look. Similarly, wincmder-shellex-config-clean.bat removes all the context-menu settings and wincmder-shellex-config-default.bat restores all the context-menu settings back to their default values.

Wincmder Shellex

Conclusion: Wincmder Shellex displays contents of a folder in the right-click context menu which could save a lot of time otherwise spent in opening and closing various sub-folders. This could prove to be very productive and useful for people who manage documents and files on daily basis.

You can download Wincmder Shellex from