comiXology Comics : Read Free Comics in Android

Like many of us, I have fond memories of reading comic books with friends in my high school days. I loved to read so many comic books – Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Avengers, Walking Dead and many more that I cannot recall at the moment. But after the school, we all get a little busy in other activities and find very little time to read those spellbinding comic books. But now there is no excuse left anymore, as there is an app out for Android devices called Comics by comiXology. This app allows you to purchase, download and read comic books right on your Android device. Furthermore the comic books are not limited to a single device and can be read on any other device using the same comiXology account. What is even more interesting is that they offer many of the comic books for free!

This app by comiXology works more like the Amazon Kindle app, but is specialized to cater the needs of comics lovers only. You will find all the popular comic books in this app. As soon as a publishing house releases a comic book, the hard working people at comiXology make it available in next couple of days on the Comics app for your pleasure.

You start using the app by creating a comiXology account. This account is needed for purchasing comic books and for downloading the free comics too. After this you can browse all the comic books available under various sections – featured, just added, popular, top rated and free. You can select any of the comics you want to read and tap on the price or the “free” button. After purchasing, this price or free button shall turn into a Download button clicking on which the comic book will be downloaded to your device.

comiXology Comics

After your comics have been downloaded to your device, you can find them under My books section of the app menu. The comics are displayed full screen either in the guided view mode or the full page mode. In the guided view mode, each box is displayed separately in the right order for you to read the comics easily. But you can also zoom in or out to read them clearly even in the full page mode.

comiXology Comics

Conclusion: Comics by comiXology is perhaps the best app out there for the fans of comic books, graphic novels and manga. It offers both the paid content and the free comic books for you to try.

You can download the Comics app by comiXology from