Make Android Screen Font Size Larger with Big Font

Android is everywhere now-a-days. It has become the number one operating system when it comes to mobile devices – smartphones, tablet PCs, smart watches and even for some cheaper notebooks. Since Android OS is open-source and can be customized to any level, the smartphones and tablets running Android are aplenty. But some of the affordable Android tablets that come with a large screen (8 inches and up) have very small font size for the screen. It becomes a headache to use these large screen tablets with a smaller screen font.

Even if you change the screen font size in the Android settings to the “Extra Large” level, it seems to make very little difference. Fortunately, there are apps like Big Font to alleviate this problem. The Big Font app can increase the font size to very large levels making it much more comfortable to use the large screen tablets. It does not really require root access, but if your tablet is rooted then the font size changes much more smoothly.

Big Font for Android

As you launch the Big Font app, it quickly displays the current font size along with all the other smaller and larger font sizes possible on your device. Swiping the screen to the left or to the right will select one of the smaller or larger font sizes. Then all you have to do is tap on the Apply button and reboot your device.

Upon reboot, you device will use the new font size. However, if your device is rooted then you do not have to reboot the device and the font size is changed instantly. You can change the root access option in the app settings. In the settings you can also specify if you want to see a notification icon for Big Font when a larger font size is being used.

Big Font for Android

Big Font can make the screen font size really big on your Android tablet making it much more comfortable to use. The app is highly recommended for people with weaker eyesight and those who wear reading glasses.

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