Grids is Instagram Client for Windows and Mac

Instagram is a social networking service with a difference that allows you to share videos and pictures with your followers. For a long time Instagram was available only for Apple iPhone users, then it was made available to the Android smartphone users too. Now it is also available via any web browser on any desktop or notebook computer, but you can have a much better Instagram experience in Windows or Mac using the Grids Instagram client. Grids is essentially an Instagram client that can integrate with your operating system well and give your notifications of new pictures or videos shared by your friends in real-time.

Unlike the Instagram app for smartphones or the web app, Grids presents all the pictures or videos in form of grids (hence the name Grids) but it can also change the layout to brief, square, horizontal or vertical. The Grids application starts by asking you to login to your Instagram account.

Grids Instagram Client

The login works only if you use the Instagram username and the password (you cannot use the email address associated with your Instagram account instead of the username). Once you have logged in to your Instagram account, it displays all the latest pictures or videos shared by the people that you follow or are friends with. The pictures can be zoomed, or enlarged for better view. You can double-click on any picture to favorite it (a red heart appears momentarily over the picture when you do this).

Grids Instagram Client

You can scroll down to see more pictures or videos. But that is pretty much this application offers in the free version. For all the other cool features you have to buy the pro version. For example, switching to the fullscreen mode, changing the layouts, commenting on the shared media, searching the Instagram and finding media shared nearby you, showing new media notification in the system tray of Windows – all this is not available in the free version.

Grids Instagram Client

Although the free version Grids lacks all the cool features available only in the Pro version, yet it brings Instagram to Windows and Mac computers and that alone, in itself, is a very exciting thing for the Instagram users.

You can download Grids for Windows or Mac from