Keep Healthy Sleep Cycles with Twilight for Android

In the older days when you were unable to sleep at night, they told you to count the sheep and tire your mind up so that you could slowly slumber into your comfy bed. But now-a-days if you are not able to sleep on time, then most probably the reason is the the blue light emission from your mobile phone and no matter how many sheep you count, it is not really going to help you sleep. The solution is to reduce the blue light flux in the mobile phone screen so that we can have natural and healthy sleep cycles. The blue light causes reduction in a special hormone called melanopsin which is responsible for keeping the sleep cycles in synchronization with the Sun set and Sun rise.

With blue light emitting from your mobile’s or tablet’s screen, the eyes are unable to produce enough melanopsin and it causes sleep disorders. You can use apps like Twilight in your Android devices to automatically reduce the blue light flux in the screen of your hand-held device to give you natural sleep-wake cycles.

Twilight for Android

Twilight does this by gradually changing the screen backlight color to a temperature matching that of the Sun light at that time of the day. In the afternoon it has more blue, but with night falling it starts to get a reddish hue – indicating the twlight when the Sun is about to set. In the Twilight app, you can choose the filter time to be in sync with the Sun, to be always on, or some custom time of your own. It can automatically detect your location and keep the Twilight screen color to match that of the Sun’s position in the sky.

You can also change the settings to configure the backlight, automatically adjust the Twilight effect for specific apps, enable smartlight, filter the navigation bar, keep the effects fullscreen, use the civil Sun-set times instead of the natural Sun-set times and more.

Twilight for Android

With Twilight, you would not have the need to take those sleeping pills every time you want to go to bed. It can filter the blue light intelligently and automatically so that your mobile devices do not interfere with your natural sleep cycles.

You can download Twilight for Android from