How to Reset Instagram Password Easily

Instagram is very popular photo sharing and micro social networking app available for both Android and iPhone devices. It is more popular among the teenagers than other age groups, but is also liked by every age group. Many of my friends share their crazy pictures almost everyday through the Instagram app. One of the features that is loved by Instagram users it the inbuilt camera and photo editor of this app. But when you forget the Instagram password, all this photo sharing and commenting on other people’s pictures fun comes to a halt. Fortunately, Instagram allows an easy way to reset the login password.

Here is how you can reset Instagram password easily:

  1. Open the Instagram app in your smartphone and on the login screen, tap on Forgot? next to the Password field.Reset Instagram Password
  2. The next screen shows three reset options – reset through email/username, reset through SMS or reset with Facebook account. You have to choose one of these options that you are comfortable with. I find email option easy, so I choose the email reset option. Some of you may find the Facebook option much more comfortable.
  3. The next step varies and depends on the option to chose in the last step. In my case, I have to enter the email address connected with the Instagram account and then it sends an email message to that email address.Reset Instagram Password
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes for the email message to arrive in your inbox. Open the Instagram reset password email message and click on the Reset Password button.Reset Instagram Password
  5. This will take you to a new webpage where you can enter a new password for your Instagram account. Once done, you would be able to use this new password for signing in to your Instagram account.Reset Instagram Password

Conclusion: Resetting Instagram password is pretty straightforward and easy. You can reset your Instagram password in three different ways – with SMS message, with email message or through your Facebook account.