View Saved Passwords in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is the most popular open-source email client that works in multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. It is designed by the same people who are known for creating the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It is liked by the newbies and advanced users alike because it is both simple to use and at the same time offers many of the advanced features. It is also compatible with many of the email service providers that offer two-step authentication. If you have a multiple email accounts added in the Mozilla Thunderbird, then chances are that you have saved the email account passwords in the Thunderbird client for making it a bit easy to check the emails from day to day.

If you have forgotten the passwords of one of these email accounts and want to find out what it was, or just are curious about how many passwords are saved in the Thunderbird, then you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird email client and on the hamburger icon near the top-right corner of the window. This will open a pull-down menu from which you have to select Options → Options.View Saved Thunderbird Passwords
  2. In the options window that opens, switch to the Security tab and then to the Passwords tab. Then click on the Passwords button to open the passwords saved in the email client.View Saved Thunderbird Passwords
  3. In the Saved Passwords window, you can see all the email accounts and the respective user names next to them. In order to view the saved passwords, click on the Show Passwords button and then you can see all the passwords.View Saved Thunderbird Passwords

This way, if you have saved the passwords in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client previously, then you can not only recover them but also see what was the last time these passwords were changed (entered into the client by you) or used for checking the email messages.