How to Access Advanced Startup Settings in Windows 10

Although you can make so many customizations and make changes to many of the system settings from within a running instance of Windows itself, there are some settings which must be accessed via the Advanced Startup Settings screen in Windows 10. The Advanced Startup Settings allow you to make changes to the boot settings and troubleshoot problems that are causing problems during the normal Windows start. In the older versions of Windows it was called the Advanced Boot Menu and you had to access this by pressing special keys during the boot. But in Windows 10, you can access the Advanced Startup Settings screen very easily. Here is how:

  1. Click on the Start icon and select Settings from there.Windows 10 Set Default Web Browser
  2. In the Settings window that opens up, choose Update & Security.Windows 10 Advanced Startup Settings
  3. On the Update & Security screen, select Recovery from the left side and then click on the Restart now button under the Advanced Startup section.Windows 10 Advanced Startup Settings
  4. In only a few seconds, Windows 10 will reboot into Advanced Startup Settings screen from where you can choose to troubleshoot some of the problems, fix startup related settings or reset your Windows back to install state.Windows 10 Advanced Startup Settings

It is very easy to access the Advanced Start Settings in Windows 10 and make changes to the boot related settings, troubleshoot some of the serious problems or reset Windows back to the factory state. And you do not have to have a bootable Windows DVD or USB key for this purpose.