Clear Browsing Data from Microsoft Edge Browser

Windows 10 – the new operating system from Microsoft comes with a new web browser called Edge. While the older Internet Explorer still exists somewhere in the Windows, the new Edge browser is being kept at the forefront by Microsoft. The Edge browser like any other web browser stores the browsing data on your local disks and you may want to clear this browsing data from time to time. You can easily clear the browsing data like cache, sites history, cookies, passwords, form data etc., along with many types of exceptions and permissions from the Edge browser. Here is how:

  1. Open the Edge browser by clicking on its taskbar shortcut.
  2. Click or touch on the three dots icon displayed near the top-right corner and select Settings from the menu that appears.Clear Browsing Data from Edge Browser
  3. Select Choose what to clear from under the heading “Clear browsing data” in the menu.Clear Browsing Data from Edge Browser
  4. Choose the items that you want to clear. You can choose from browsing history, cookies & saved website data, cached data & files, download history, form data and passwords. You can also click or touch on Show  more to select more items to clear like media licenses, pop-up exceptions, location permissions, full screen permissions and compatibility permissions.Clear Browsing Data from Edge Browser
  5. Finally click or touch on the Clear button to clear the selected data from Edge browser.

Clearing the browsing data from the Edge browser not only ensures your privacy as you are erasing your usage fingerprints, but it also makes the browser faster and more responsive in general.