Disable Showing of Recently Opened Files in the Start Menu of Windows 10

Windows 10 makes it very easy to access all of your recently or most frequently accessed files. The File Explorer has a new Quick Access section that shows recently accessed files or folders, the taskbar apps shortcuts display recently accessed files in their jump lists and the same is true for the apps jump lists in the Start menu. But this can cause privacy issues as just about anybody can click on the Start menu button and see which movies you have been watching, which songs you have been listening to, which sites you have been busy browsing and so on. For privacy conscious individuals, it is only natural that they stop Windows from displaying the recently opened files in the apps jump lists of the Start menu as well as the taskbar. And here is how you can do this:

  1. Click/touch on the Start icon and select Settings from the menu.Windows 10 Set Default Web Browser
  2. In the Settings window that opens up, select Personalization.Disable Recently Opened Files in Start Menu of Windows 10
  3. Under the Personalization category, choose Start from the left side.
  4. To prevent the recently opened files from showing up in the jump lists in the Start menu and taskbar, click or touch the on-off flip switch that reads Show recently opened items in the Jump lists on Start or taskbar to the off state.Disable Recently Opened Files in Start Menu of Windows 10
  5. That’s it. Now you can check whether the recently opened files are being displayed by opening the Start menu and checking the jump lists of various apps.

Windows 10 shows the recently opened files in the Jump lists in the taskbar and in the Start menu which can be a privacy concern. But you can easily disable this from the new personalization settings.