Fixing “The server stumbled” Windows Store Error in Windows 10

After a fresh install of Windows 10 when I tried to access the Windows Store to download some of the Windows apps, I saw a strange error that read “The server stumbled – We all have bad days”. The error code was given 0x80072EE7, but when I looked it up on Microsoft website it said something about entries inside the HOSTS file. Since it was a fresh install of Windows 10, the HOSTS file was basically blank and had only disabled example entries. After trying many different solutions, I finally fixed this problem after restarting some of the services that make Windows Store work. Here is how you can also do the same and fix this error:

Windows Store - Server Stumbled Error

  1. Close the Windows Store window if it is open.
  2. Press the hotkey Win+X and select the Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu that shows up. This will start the elevated command prompt in your PC.Windows Store - Server Stumbled Error
  3. In the elevated command prompt type the following command, pressing Enter key after each line:
    sc stop wuauserv
    sc stop WSService
    sc start wuauserv
    sc WSService

    Windows Store - Server Stumbled Error

  4. Now try accessing the Windows Store again by clicking on its taskbar shorcut. It should work without any problems now. Now you can enjoy installing Windows Apps from the Store as much as you want.

Windows Store depends on two major services – Windows Automatic Updates service and the Windows Store service. If they are stopped for some reason, then Windows Store may show an error and stop working. You can fix this Windows Store error simply by restarting these two services.


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