“Incognito This” for Firefox Switches Any Tab into Incognito Mode

Incognito mode or Private mode has now been available in Firefox and many other web browsers for many years. What this incognito mode does is that it prevents any of the web data from being stored locally on your PC. So you can visit any of the websites in the incognito mode and it will leave no fingerprints behind – no cookies, no history, no cache etc. Typically you have to first open the Firefox browser in the incognito or private window mode by using the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+P and then visit websites in this new private mode window. But this is time consuming if you want to open a website already open in one of the regular mode tabs. Instead you can use the Firefox extension Incognito This to quickly switch any regular tab into the incognito mode in a matter of seconds.

The “Incognito This” is a very minimal Firefox extension and does nothing more than install a new toolbar button in the Firefox window. If you want to open a web page that is already open in a tab in Firefox, then all you have to do is switch to that tab and click on the Incognito This toolbar button.

Incognito This for Firefox

That tab is immediately opened in a new private mode window that you can easily identify through the small purple colored mask icon in the Firefox window. There are no options for the Incognito This extension as this is a very simple and minimal extension.

“Incognito This” extension for Firefox takes away all the hassle of opening a web page in new Firefox private windows. This makes it very easy to switch back and forth to the incognito mode in Firefox.

You can download and install the Incognito This extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/incognito-this-tab/.