Play Games Smoother in Android with Trend Micro Dr. Booster

If you have an Android phone with limited resources then playing games on it may not be a very good experience. This is because some apps running in the background are always consuming the available resources and leaving no juice for the game apps. The game apps with very limited resources do not run smoothly, show lag at places  and you may see momentary hiccups while playing the games. One solution is to buy a new Android device with better hardware configurations. But you can make the games run a little bit better using the Trend Micro Dr. Booster app for Android.

When you launch the Trend Micro Dr. Booster app, it shows you all the game apps installed in your device. You can also choose to manually add an app that Dr. Booster might have failed to detect as a game. Once you have all the games listed in the Dr. Booster interface, you can tap on any of the game shortcut icons to launch them. The optimization of the system resources is automatically handled by Dr. Booster.

Trend Micro Dr. Booster

In the settings for the Dr. Booster app, you can actually choose how it optimizes the system resources to make the games run smoother and without any possible lags. In the options, you can choose to turn off Bluetooth, turn off auto-sync, turn off vibration feedback etc. You can also view the game report from under the options available for the Dr. Booster app.

Dr. Booster is a game booster app for Android devices. It can automatically turn off some of the services in Android and free up system resources to make the games play much more smoothly without any interruptions or lags.

You can download the Trend Micro Dr. Booster from