How to Reset User Password in Windows 10

Even if you have forgotten your user account password in Windows 10, you can still reset in more than one ways. The first method involves asking a system administrator to do it for you which is a very quick job for them. The second method through the use of a password reset disk which you must have created previously. The password reset disk is different for all the user accounts on a Windows 10 PC, but it can be used as many times as you want to change the password. Here is how you can use your password reset disk in Windows 10 to reset your user account password:

  1. Attach the password reset disk to your Windows PC.
  2. On the Windows logon screen, enter any password. Since the password entered is obviously wrong, it will display you the password hint and an option to reset the password. Click on the Reset password to proceed.Windows 10 Reset User Passwords
  3. In the Password reset wizard window click Next to continue. At this point you must have attached the password reset disk to your PC.Windows 10 Reset User Passwords
  4. Select the password reset disk from the list and click Next. You may see a warning about incorrect password reset disk if you attach the wrong disk.Windows 10 Reset User Passwords
  5. Type in the new password two times and also the password hint. Then click on the Next button to continue.Windows 10 Reset User Passwords
  6. Finally, click on the Finish button to close the wizard.Windows 10 Reset User Passwords
  7. Your password has been changed, now you can use your new password to logon to your Windows user account.

If you have created a Windows password reset disk before then it becomes very easy to reset your user password in those rare days when we cannot remember our Windows passwords.