Restore Open Folders at Logon in Windows 10

While all the latest notebooks and tablet PCs are coming fully equipped to be used as gaming or multimedia computers, not all of us have the privilege or free time to enjoy these leisurely activities. Some of us buy a new computer and then work on it like a mule used to work before the machines took over. And when you have to work so hard on your computer, you do not want to dig deep into folders to access the files that you have to work with on everyday basic. Instead you want all the shortcuts to your frequently used programs and files, right there on your desktop. Windows 10 makes it even better by adding Quick Access feature in the File Explorer. You can also make Windows 10 restore the previously open folder windows once again at the next Windows logon. This way you do not have to worry about reopening the work folders again and again each time you start your PC. Here is how:

  1. Open File Explorer from its taskbar shortcut or you can just open any folder.
  2. Click/touch on the small downward arrow (∨) near the top-right corner to expand the ribbon bar.Windows 10 Clear File Explorer History
  3. When the ribbon is unfolded, click/touch on the Options button displayed near the end of the ribbon bar.
  4. This will open the Folder Options window in which you have to switch to the View tab.
  5. Under the advanced settings list of options select the checkbox labeled Restore previous folder windows at logon and click/touch on the OK button.Windows 10 Restore Folders at Logon

Restoring the previously open folder windows upon Windows logon is a great way to start your day at work, especially when you have to work with certain files from the last day’s work. This feature along with the Quick Access feature make the Windows 10 a workaholic’s favorite version of Windows yet.

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  1. That’s great!!!

    I figured it out by myself but now I’m looking for an explanation on how to get the windows opened in the same order as they were organized when I shut down the computer. as I don’t want my 10 open windows to be arranged randomly…

    Any help appreciated!

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