Translate Street Signs in Foreign Countries Instantly in Android

When visiting many foreign countries for fun or for business, the number one problem that most of the tourists face is their inability to read and understand the foreign languages. This means that sometimes even when are standing in front of a street that we want to visit, we cannot read the street sign and feel lost. This is where the Camera Translator app can prove to be useful. It translates the text being displayed in the camera to English or any other selected language in real time. It supports many languages both for the source and the destination of the translations.

After you have installed the app in your Android phone, you have to touch on the settings icon (gear like icon) and choose the source language (Translate From) and the destination language (Translate To). For example, if you are going to visit Thailand, then perhaps you might want to set the source language to Thai. As you choose a new language, the respective data is downloaded and you are ready to go.

Camera Translator

Now you can point the camera at any of the street signs and the app will translate the detected text into the target language automatically. This app combines OCR and translator both, so that it can convert the text from the camera into unicode characters which are then translated into the target language.

Camera Translator

Conclusion: The Camera Translator app is a great companion for the tourists who often feel dumbfounded in front of the street signs written in foreign languages. This app can convert the text from the camera straight into the pre-specified language.

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