How to Block an Annoying Sender in Gmail

Google has introduced a new option to Gmail that allows you to block a sender in both the web version and the Android app version of Gmail. Once you block a sender in Gmail, all the future email messages received from that blocked email address will be automatically redirected to your spam folder. This is very helpful if someone is sending you annoying email messages over and over again and you just do not want to see these messages anymore. It is also useful if you want to avoid seeing messages from some user temporarily as you can always unblock previously blocked senders later on and start receiving the email messages from them.

to block a sender in the web version of Gmail accessed from a PC browser, you can open an email message from the person that you want to block, click on the down-ward arrow next to reply button and select Block [sender’s email address] from the menu, where [sender’s email address] is  obviously the email address you are trying to block.

Gmail Block Sender

On your Android device, the steps are pretty much the same except that now you are using the Gmail app. In the Gmail app, open an email message, touch the grey menu button (that looks like three vertical dots), and select Block [sender’s email address]. You will be shown a pale-yellow message box that you have blocked the sender of that message.

Gmail Block Sender

In both cases (PC browser or Android app), you can unblock a blocked sender at any later time easily. Since you have blocked the sender, you would have to go to the Spam folder, find their messages, open any of those messages and select Unblock [sender’s email address] from the message menu.

Conclusion: Gmail now allows you to block unwanted messages from any number of senders simply by blocking the email addresses of those senders. After blocking, the future messages received from these senders will go straight to the Spam folder.