How to Disable F12 Shortcut to Developer Tools in Firefox

Unknowingly hitting the wrong key on your keyboard at the wrong time is not really an entirely new story. Many people have done it in the past, many are doing it at this very moment and many are going to do so in the future. In the worst case scenarios, the hitting of the wrong key may lead to deletion of your important documents. But we are not talking about accidental file deletion. Accidentally pressing the wrong key in some programs can be equally frustrating even if it does not lead to data destruction.

Disable F12 Key Shortcut in Firefox

Take Firefox, for example – if you accidentally press the F12 key instead of the F11 key on the keyboard, then it would show the developer console instead of switching to full-screen. And because the F11 and F12 keys are close to each other on any keyboard, anybody can make this mistake and people do many times. If you are not a web developer, then perhaps you would be better off by disabling the F12 shortcut key altogether in Firefox.

Disable F12 Key Shortcut in Firefox

One way to block the F12 shortcut key that opens the developer console in Firefox is to install a simple Firefox add-on called Disable F12 Shortcut. This extension has no options, it does not come with any bells or whistles, but it does its job properly. After installing the extension,  the F12 shortcut key that would have opened the developer console becomes totally inert.

So if you have been feeling a little irritated because of hitting the F12 key accidentally in your Firefox browser, calm down and install the Disable F12 Shortcut extension. It will take care of the problem right away without making you go through any settings.

You can get Disable F12 Shortcut extension for Firefox from

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  1. Finally! I hit that key all the time when I mean to hit any of the other keys around it, drives me crazyyyy! arrrg stupid useless annoyance!

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