Hide Desktop Background on Windows 10 Sign-in Screen

The first thing that you usually see in your Windows 10 PC is the sign-in screen. This is where you select a user-name and enter the corresponding password, PIN or the picture password in order to sign-in to your Windows 10 user account. By default this sign-in screen sports a default background picture showing blue light coming from a window which is also the default desktop background in Windows 10. But this picture may not look appealing to everyone, specially at the sign-in screen and you may want to turn it off. Fortunately in the latest build of Windows 10 (build 10547), there is an option that allows you to disable the background image at the sign-in screen and instead display a solid color background in its place.

Here is how you can hide or turn off the background image on the Windows 10 sign-in screen:

  1. Press the hotkey Win+I to bring up the Settings app.
  2. In the Settings app, select Personalization (Background, lockscreen, colors) category.
  3. On the Personalization screen, select Lock screen from the left side list of sub-categories.
  4. On the right-side panel, scroll down a little and turn off the flip-switch that says Show Windows background picture on the sign-in screen.Windows 10 Hide Background on Sign-in Screen
  5. Now you can try signing out and looking at the sign-in screen once again. This time Windows 10 will not display any background image on the sign-in screen.

Microsoft is working hard to give much more flexibility and options in the everyday use of Windows 10 to the consumers. The option to disable the Windows background picture on the sign-in screen is step towards this effort from Microsoft and it is most welcomed by all the Windows users community. But still, the users are not able to pick their own sign-in screen background which could be a security concern on the Microsoft’s part but leaves the end users a little bit hungry for more.