Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor : Check Heart Beats Rate Using Android Phone

Usually when someone has to find out the rate at which their heart is beating they have to go to a doctor who feels their pulse for a few seconds to find out how fast the heart is beating. This gives only a rough estimate and for more accurate results the doctor hooks you up with the electrocardiogram machine. But you do not really need all these machines for finding out your heart beats rate – you can actually use your Android smart phone to find it out. Your doctor may laugh at you, but this is possible through the Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor app.

For this app to work, you need a smart phone that has a decent back camera with LED flash. After launching the app, you are supposed to put your index finger on the camera (just gently touch it, do not to press the finger into the camera) and then touch the big circle in the center of your phone’s screen. The LED will light up and for about 15 seconds, it will detect your heart beats rate through the changing color in the index finger. Once the heart beat is detected, it will start to make the beep sound similar to the one you usually hear in the ER (emergency room) of a hospital.

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

After successful measurement of the heart beat, it will display the metrics and whether the heart rate is slow, normal or too fast under a specific condition – general, working, running etc. You can make three measurements of your heart rate everyday using the free version of the Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor app. For more measurement and features you have to buy the pro version.

You can get the Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor app from