Anonymous Browsing in Chrome Browser Using TunnelBear Extension

Web anonymity is something that is increasingly becoming more and more desired by users of various backgrounds. But for most of the users this is done to access the sites without exposing much information about themselves like the IP address and other information which can be derived from their IP address, for example, their geographic location. There are many ways to achieve internet anonymity but VPN tunnels are one of the most popular methods of all. We have posted about TunnelBear VPN service in the past, but if you are not comfortable about installing VPN software on your PC, then you can still use TunnelBear VPN inside your Chrome web browser through their browser extension.

The TunnelBear browser extension for Chrome browser does not provide VPN proxy for all the apps in your PC, as you can guess. It  provides anonymity only to the Chrome web browser – but for many users this is enough. After installing the TunnelBear extension in Chrome browser, you have to either create a new TunnelBear account or login using your existing TunnelBear user account. To do this, you can click on the TunnelBear icon in the Chrome toolbar.

TunnelBear VPN for Chrome Browser

TunnelBear provides 500 MB download quota for free account holders and you can claim 1 GB extra download quota by tweeting about TunnelBear. It connects to the fastest VPN server available for your region by default, but you can manually choose any of the available VPN servers located in various countries.

TunnelBear VPN for Chrome Browser


The TunnelBear extension offers a self contained TunnelBear account management interface for you. You do not have to manually open the TunnelBear website to manage your account related settings. Instead, you can open the settings section from the TunnelBear extension drop-down menu and choose Manage Account from there. This will automatically open the account settings page on the TunnelBear web site.

TunnelBear VPN for Chrome Browser


Conclusion: TunnelBear extension for the Chrome web browser brings anonymity to the Chrome browser through the TunnelBear VPN proxy without having to install any software on your PC. This is ideal for those users who want the VPN proxy for only their web browsers.

You can get the TunnelBear extension for Chrome web browser from