Convert RAW Pictures to DNG Format with Adobe DNG Converter

While we pride ourselves in snapping good enough pictures our cheap point-and-shoot digital cameras, professional photographers do not touch these cheaper cameras. They use expensive DSLR cameras and often work with RAW picture formats as the RAW image formats are not compressed and therefore do not compromise on the quality. While commercial programs like Adobe Photoshop can work directly with RAW image formats, they work only with the standard RAW images. Many different camera manufacturers have their own RAW image formats which deviate from the universal standards and owing to this variation, they cannot be directly edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe has been working on this problem for many years and offers a solution in the form of DNG image format. DNG is called the digital negative for pictures. Using the Adobe DNG converter program, you can convert the RAW images from your digital cameras into the DNG file format. Since the DNG file format is a standard image format supported by Adobe Photoshop, you can work with DNG files any time later as you wish.

Adobe DNG Converter

Using the Adobe DNG Converter program is as easy as taking a bite of lemon meringue pie. All you have to do is select the RAW images folder on your digital camera, select the location where DNG files shall be saved, choose file naming options, select the conversion preferences and then click on the Convert button.

The benefit of using the Adobe DNG Converter is that it makes your RAW images future safe. Perhaps the RAW images from your years old camera won’t be supported in the years to come by Photoshop, but if you convert them to the DNG files, then you can keep working them without worrying about compatibility. What is more, the DNG files pack as much quality as the original RAW images, so there is no quality deterioration in the DNG images.

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