Enable Desktop Notifications for Yahoo! Web Mail

When you are waiting to some important email to arrive in your inbox, you keep checking for it either on your mobile phone or in a web browser. On the smart phones, usually the mail apps like Yahoo Mail notify you of newly received email messages as soon as they arrive. But if you are checking email messages in a web browser, you have to keep checking and refreshing the web page every few minutes to see if any new messages have arrived. If you are using Yahoo mail, then you can make things are a bit easier by enabling the desktop notifications so that it notifies you of any new email messages arriving in your inbox in the Windows notification area.

Here is how you can enable the desktop notifications for Yahoo web mail:

  1. Use a web browser that supports desktop notifications like Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Safari and visit the Yahoo Mail web site.  Sign-in to your Yahoo mail account.
  2. When the Yahoo mail displays your inbox folder, click on the gear-like icon near the top-right corner and select Settings from the menu that drops down.Yahoo Mail Desktop Notifications
  3. In the Yahoo mail settings displayed for your account, select Viewing email and then check the checkbox Enable Desktop Notifications. Click on the Save button to save the settings.Yahoo Mail Desktop Notifications
  4. The web browser will display a confirmation prompt asking you – “Would you like to show notifications from this site?” – you have to select Always Show Notifications.Yahoo Mail Desktop Notifications
  5. From now on if you receive any new email messages, you will be notified with a message near the notification area of Windows desktop. This works even if the web browser is minimized.Yahoo Mail Desktop Notifications

Enabling desktop notifications for Yahoo web mail app in your web browser makes it very easy to find out about the new email messages that you receive in your Yahoo mail account.


  1. Every article I can find describes how to enable this feature, but to me the constant interruption would be a nightmare. What I want to know is how to get Yahoo to quite nagging me to enable this feature. Every time I send an email, Yahoo nags me yet again to enable desktop notifications. Anyone know how to stop one type of nagging (install notifications!) without replacing it with another type of nagging (read your email now!)? Thanks.

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