LeanDroid Can Help Make Android Battery Last Longer

Have you ever watched those scary movies where the phone battery runs out right at the moment when our protagonist has to make an important call to the authorities or to his friend who is going to be attacked by the crazy serial killer? Such movies make me wonder why they do not carry a power bank that can be used to charge the phone in emergencies or in the least, use those battery saver apps that can make the battery juice last longer than usual. The free LeanDroid app is such an app that can help  you make your Android phone battery last much longer.

The LeanDroid app saves the battery charge and improves the battery life by switching off unnecessary services in your Android phone. These are some of the services and apps that keep using your battery charge in the background even when the screen is switched off. You can choose which of these services are to be turned off and when they are to be turned off from the LeanDroid interface.

LeanDroid Battery Saver

You can choose to disable WiFi, cellular data (2G/3G/4G LTE), cellular signal (you won’t receive calls if you choose to disable it), bluetooth, network location, GPS location and so on. Your Android phone needs to be rooted before some of these can be disabled. The usual condition for disabling these services is that 10 minutes have passed after screen was turned off. The services are automatically enabled or restored when you unlock the screen.

Moreover, you can add exceptions about when the services are disabled. For example, you can choose to disable the WiFi except when it is connected to a particular hotspot or access point or disable the cellular signal except when there is some signal and so on.

You can download and install LeanDroid app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teqtic.leandata.