Speedy Password is Password Manager App for Android

Every once in a while we are forced to reset the Android phones back to their factory settings because some settings got messed up, or some of the important files were corrupted when the phone was turned off unexpectedly by pulling out the battery. By resetting the phone, all the user created settings and data are erased and the phone behaves as if you have just bought it and taken it out from the box packing. In other words, it becomes like a brand new mobile phone. But with all the personalized settings and user data wiped off, you have to configure all the apps all over again. For example, you have enter the username and passwords in all the apps like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and so on.

To avoid entering passwords and usernames over and over again every time you reset the Android smart phone, you can use the free Speedy Password app. It stores the login credentials for many apps and web sites on your Speedy Password account. You can later use these credentials in all the supported apps and sites.

Typically, you start by creating a Speedy Password account after which you are taken to the app dashboard from where you can add the credentials for various supported apps or sites. You have to choose whether you will be using the App or the Browser for signing in the new account. You have to enter the app name, select the supported apps and enter the login credentials.

Speedy Password

All this information is stored on the Speedy Password servers after being encrypted with very strong AES 256-bit cipher. Later on this information is either automatically filled in the login screen for various apps or sites, or you can easily copy-paste the credentials into the respective fields.

Speedy Password

Apart from the basic password manager functionality, Speedy Password also offers a decent password generator feature. Using this password generator, you can create very strong passwords that fulfill the current guidelines for creating strong, brute-force proof passwords.

Speedy Password

Conclusion: Speedy Password is a free password manager for Android that stores the login credentials for various accounts on its servers using the industry strength AES cipher. It also allows you to use these stored credentials easily on various web sites and apps in addition to providing you with a decent password generator.

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