Tune to Thousands of Online Radio Stations with Pocket Radio Player

When I am on the run, I enjoy man online radio stations of my choice through the XiiaLive app on my Android phone. But when I have to work in front my a desktop PC, I choose not to waste my phone’s battery and instead use a online radio player app for Windows. A few years ago when Winamp was still being developed, I used Winamp for all my online radio requirements. But ever since it has entered into a state of limbo, I had been looking for alternatives and fortunately I found a freeware called Pocket Radio Player as a good alternative.

Pocket Radio Player is completely portable application for Windows. After downloading the ZIP archive, you can extract it to a folder and launch prp.exe to start listening to your favorite radio stations. The first thing you would see is a big list of radio stations from which you can choose any of the radio stations to play by double-clicking on it. But if the list looks overwhelmingly large (yes, it is really a very long list), then you can choose a genre from the drop-down list to filter the list of the radio stations by the genre.

Pocket Radio Player

The selected radio station starts to play in a small window replacing the list of radio stations. If you want to go back to the list of radio stations, then you have to click on the small “eject” icon near the bottom-right corner. The player window has many regular features like a volume control, song history, recording function and options to skip back and forth to radio stations in the list for the selected genre.

Pocket Radio Player

The recording is done in the standard WAV file format which could become very large in size if you record something for 1 hour or more. You can easily convert these WAV audio files into MP3 format later on to reduce their file size.

You can download Pocket Radio Player from http://pocketradio.awardspace.info/.