ColorTypist : Experiment with Hex Color Codes

Many times while working with graphics editors like GIMP or Photoshop, I have to find the hex color codes also known as the RGB color codes using a color chart. The RGB color codes are in the format #RRGBB where RR, BB and GG are the color values for red, blue and green respectfully. Each of these can range from 00 to FF in the hexadecimal number format. These hex color codes are also used in the web designing and creating cascaded style sheets. Often you have to experiment with these color values until you find the one that you are looking for. Now you can experiment with any of the hex color codes using the freeware called ColorTypist.

As the name of this software suggests, you have to simply type in the hex color code of a color and it will display that color on your Windows desktop. It displays the RGB values of a typed in color code in the decimal number format too. You can also specify the opacity of the color in the #RGBA format. The opacity also takes the hexadecimal number format from 00 to FF. For example, you can type in #BE14B2AA to have the opacity value AA. However since the opacity level can only be between 0.0 to 1.0, how ColorTypist interprets the hex values for opacity is unknown.


If you do not want to type in the complex hex color codes, then you can also type in some of the well know color names as they are. For example, you can type in pink, yellow or green to get the respective colors. If you click on the Random, then it chooses a random color for you automatically. If you like one of these colors, then you can also set that color as your desktop wallpaper, copy its HTML code, copy the hex code, etc.


You can download ColorTypist from