Combo for Firefox Adds Instant Web Search to Address Bar

One thing that everyone loves about Chrome web browser whether on their PC or in their mobile devices is the instant search feature. The moment you start typing in the address bar (Google calls it omni bar) of Chrome, it starts to display the search results related to the words typed in. Such a quick search feature does not exist for the Firefox web browser. But thanks to the new Combo add-on for Firefox, now you can add the instant web search in the Firefox address bar too. This Combo add-on is developed by Yandex, yet it does not discriminate other search engines while displaying the results.

All you have to do is install the Combo add-on in Firefox and it is all set to bring the benefits of the instant web search in Firefox. You can start typing anything you want to search for and it will display as many as six results in a drop-down list-box. You can choose any of these results and the selected page is then instantly opened in a same tab of the Firefox window. The search results do not redirect to any search engine site, but the target URL is opened in the same tab directly.

Combo for Firefox

For some reason, Combo displays German and French websites in the instant search results. When I searched for “Kurt Russell”, it listed both the German version and the English version of Wikipedia pages about Kurt Russell. Perhaps it because of the Yandex search engine that spiders European web sites much more successfully than some other search engines. At the same time, it does not discriminate against other search engines. It actually displayed a link to Google some of the keywords that I typed in the location bar.

You can get the Combo add-on for Firefox from