EMDB : Create Your Own Local Movie Database

Like everyone else, I enjoy good movies that offer something different and memorable in terms of story and performance. I must have watched thousands of movies till now. The only problem now is that I do not remember all the movies I have watched over the TV channels like Hallmark, AXN or HBO, in the theaters, on Netflix or through my old Phillips DVD player. Sometimes, when I catch a movie on TV, I think that I have never watched it before but after 20-30 minutes I start to get a feeling that I must have watched it years ago. One solution to this problem and to avoid watching the same (and perhaps boring) movies all over again is to create a list of all the movies you watch.

You do not have to bring out a paper and pen for making a list of all the movies that you have watched, like some middle school kids. You can use the free EMDB (short for Eric’s Movie Data Base) program to create your own local movie database. EMBD makes is super easy to create the movie database as all the data about movies is fetched from the IMDB website.

Eric's Movie Database

Typically, you start by clicking on the Add button to open the Add new movie interface. Here you do not have to fill all the details about a movie – all you have to do is type in the name of the movie and the year it was released in, the rest of information is automatically fetched from the IMDB website including the plot summary, actors, directors, movie poster, IMDB rating and so on. But it does not mean that you cannot populate the movie details manually, you do not have to depend on IMDB at all – but it makes things much easier to use the information fetched from IMDB .

Eric's Movie Database

You can add as many movies as you want in EMDB. All the added movies are displayed along with their poster thumbnails. You can also search for movies using their titles, genres, actors, year and more. This will certainly help you when you are confused whether you have watched a movie before and if you should watch it again.

You can download the EMDB program from http://www.emdb.tk/.