Find Files Using Up the Disk Space in Windows with MeinPlatz “My Place”

As time passes, the available free disk space in your PC seems to become smaller and smaller. I had earlier bought a 1TB Samsung SDD thinking that this all the space I would ever need, but now it has less than 5 GB left on it. Where does this free space disappear? There are only two valid answers to this often asked question – either the disk partitions have become corrupted and it is not showing the full available space properly, or the new files have taken up most of the disk space on your disks. In the former case (disk corruption), you can run diagnostics on the hard disk and perhaps gain back the lost disk space. But in the latter case (too many files taking up the disk space), you have to first find which files or folders are actually consuming the disk space in your PC – only then you can proceed and remove some of these unwanted files.

The freeware MeinPlatz (which in the German language means My Place or My Space) can help you find the files or folders that are responsible for using up a larger share of the disk space in your PC. It is a portable application and runs in all Windows versions from XP to 10. In this tool, you have to select a folder or disk on the left side and then it will display the contents of the selected item on the right-side in the order of disk space consumed by them. This way you can easily find the largest files or folders withing a disk drive or folder. For example, when I selected the “C:\Program Files” folder on the left, it displayed that “Microsoft Office” and “Google” sub-folder were taking up the most of the space inside the parent folder.


So if you are running into the very common problem of the diminishing disk space, then you can use the free MeinPlats portable tool. It can show you the folders that claim the largest share of disk space, but if that folder contains important or system files, then you may have to invest in a new and large disk.

You can download the MeinPlatz portable tool from