Find Resistor Values Easily with Resistor Scanner for Android

Ever since I studied electronics in the university, it got stuck with me as my new hobby. Now I sometimes dabble with electronics whenever I get some free time at hand. And of course, I try to fix some of the things myself using an array of tools I have amassed over many years. When you are working with electronics, the most time consuming and headache causing part is reading the color coded values of various components like capacitors, inductors and resistors. As far as resistors are concerned, if you have an Android smart-phone, then you can use the Resistor Scanner app to scan the resistors and find their values instantly.

The Resistor Scanner app can save your time and you might never have to read the color codes of resistors ever again. Of course, if you have a multi-meter, then perhaps that is much easier and accurate. But the Resistor Scanner is faster and tells you the value without you even having to touch the components (touch through multi-meter leads).

Resistor Scanner

Using Resistor Scanner is as easy as it can be. Just launch the app and point it towards the resistor. If the camera seems out-of-focus, then just tap on the screen on top of the resistor to make it focus on the resistor. Then red line should cover the color code rings with the tolerance being on the right-side. The resistance value will appear on the screen instantly.

Resistor Scanner

It should be mentioned that the accuracy of the results given by Resistor Scanner depend on the state of the resistor. If it is very old, worn out or the colors are faded then perhaps the results will not be accurate. But if it is brand new, shiny resistor, then results are very satisfactory.

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