Save Energy & Avoid Overcharging Phone with Battery 100% Alarm

In this day and age, we all should strive hard to reduce our carbon footprint to save the environment for our progeny. And we do not even have to go out on the streets and protest with banners in our hands (not that you should not – you should protest if possible and raise awareness). But you can be a little alert towards not consuming the energy when you do not have to – switching the energy efficient LED lamps, turning off the lights and fans when not needed, turn down the thermostat if not really required, unplug the phone charger when phone is fully charged etc.

Some of us do not realize that small things like unplugging the phone charger can save a huge amount of energy in the long run. And if you do not know when the phone is fully charged, then you can seek the help of a little app called Battery 100% Alarm for your Android devices. In addition to alerting you of the battery being fully charged, it can also save the phone battery from being over-charged – a problem with cheaper phone chargers that do not have circuitry to check the battery charge status and keep charging it regardless of whether it is already charged or not.

Battery 100% Alarm

The app has some basic options that you would expect from such an app – volume control, alarm tone, repeat of the alarm, whether snooze or not, whether to notify immediately after 100% charge is reached or wait a couple of minutes etc. After installing this app, you can connect the phone charger to your phone to charge the battery. When the battery gets fully charged, the app will sound the alarm notifying you of the fact. If the phone is on silent mode, then the alarm does not play the tone but screen alert still shows up.

Conclusion: A little app Battery 100% Alarm can help you prolong the life of your phone’s battery as well as contribute a little towards preserving the environment by reducing your everyday carbon footprint.

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