TrayStatus Shows Num Lock, Caps Lock and Disk Activity Status in System Tray

Gone are the days when computers came with full size keyboards. Now the modern and stylish computers are coming with smaller and smarter keyboards. These keyboards do not really have all the keys, for example, the arrow keys are sometimes missing and some of the num-pad keys are combined with the function keys. In such a keyboard, sometimes they do not even give the LED indicators for the caps lock, num lock etc. If you want to know the status of these keyboard lock keys while using a keyboard that do not has the LED indicators or the LED indicators have become faulty, then you can use the free TrayStatus program in Windows.

TrayStatus is a free Windows application that is available both in form of a setup installer package as well as a portable program. As you install and launch the program, it places several icons in the system tray (also called the notification area) in Windows. These icons display the status of the num lock, caps lock and the hard drive activity. The caps lock and the num lock icons turn green when these keys are turned on. The hard drive icon turns green and red for disk writes and disk reads respectively.


In the options for the TrayStatus program, you can choose the icons to be displayed for the status of various things like – num lock, caps lock, screen lock, hard drive activity, Alt key, Win key, Shift key and the Ctrl key. You can also specify the hard drive activity read and write byte thresholds – you can set larger thresholds if the TrayStatus is slowing down your system. There are also options to make TrayStatus to start automatically with Windows and check the internet for the latest updates of the program.


You can download TrayStatus from