Use Android Phone as Microphone for Windows PC with WO Mic

Sometimes we have to use a microphone on our PC (Skype comes to mind) but we cannot find any lying around and it becomes very frustrating not being able to use a microphone when you really need to. For example, I have a Sennheiser headphone which works beautifully when listening to music, but it does not come with any microphone. In these situations, you can turn your Android smart-phone into a simple portable microphone for your Windows PC using the Wo Mic app. This little app allows you to use the phone microphone in your Windows PC over a USB cable, WiFi network or Bluetooth connection – which means that you can have a wireless microphone without any extra cost.

Using Wo Mic requires installation of the app on your Android smart-phone as well as installation of a client software on your Windows PC. The app is very simple and the only thing you decide is whether you want to use the USB, WiFi or Bluetooth. You can change this by tapping on the Setting and then choosing a Transport method.

WO Mic

It must be noted that the USB cable method requires you to install ADB drivers for your phone on your Windows PC. Anyhow, after selecting one of the transport methods that you are comfortable with, you can go ahead and tap on Start to start the microphone server on your phone.

WO Mic

On your Windows PC, you have to first install the WO Mic drivers to create a virtual microphone on your PC followed by the installation of the WO Mic client software. After this, you can launch the client software and choose Connection → Connect from the menubar. Again, you have to select one of the transport methods and you have to choose the same method that you selected in the Android app.

WO Mic

When the connection is established between the WO Mic app on your phone and the Wo Mic client software in your Windows PC, a virtual microphone named “Wo Mic” is automatically enabled and selected as the default recording device. You can use this in any application in your PC.

WO Mic

Conclusion: WO Mic provides a virtual microphone on your Windows PC using the microphone of your Android smartphone. It can be very handy when you do not have a dedicated microphone for your PC.

You can download the WO Mic app and Windows PC client software from

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