How to Fix Microsoft Office Uninstallation Problems

When I received the new DVD of Office 2016 from Amazon this morning, it was only natural to remove the older version of Microsoft Office before installing the new Office 2016. But when I attempted to do so, it threw up an error in the middle of the uninstallation and quit. This became a big headache – I could not remove Microsoft Office 2013 and because of this I could not install the new Microsoft Office 2016. But the solution to this is actually very simple – using the Microsoft FixIt tool to remove Microsoft Office from your PC.

Microsoft Office Uninstaller Troubleshooting

Here is how it works (it applies to all the Office Suites including Office 2013 and 2016):

  1. Download the Microsoft FixIt Tool from This will download O15CTRRemove.diagcab on your PC. Double-click on the downloaded file and click on the Next button to proceed. Microsoft Office Uninstaller Troubleshooting
  2. Click on Apply This Fix for the Fix It tool to start diagnosing the problems. It is going to take a long time so do this when you have free time, for example, in your coffee break or lunch time.Microsoft Office Uninstaller Troubleshooting
  3. It will go through your system for anywhere between five to ten minutes. It will remove the files, links, registry entries, file associations, context-menu handlers and other objects related to the Microsoft Office installation on your PC. In the end, it will display a message that uninstallation is complete and that you would need to restart Windows for all the changes to take effect. Click on the Next button to continue.Microsoft Office Uninstaller Troubleshooting
  4. It will display all the problems that it found with the Office uninstaller and how it fixed it. For me, it found a problem with the Office 2013 MSI and fixed it. You can click on the Close button to close the troubleshooter window.Microsoft Office Uninstaller Troubleshooting
  5. Finally, reboot your PC and complete the uninstallation of Microsoft Office suite. After this you can install the new version of Microsoft Office or switch to some other alternatives office suites.