How to Open Hidden Information Menu in Android

There are so many hidden features in Android that are accessible via special dialing codes or GSM codes. These codes are usually known only to the mobile phone engineers and can be used to change some hardware settings that can modify the way your phone works. The way these codes work is that you enter them on the Android phone dialer and suddenly a new screen with information or menu appears. You are already familiar with the GSM code *#06# that displays the IMEI code of your phone upon entering in the phone dialer. This code works universally in all the phones including basic and feature phones.

There is another special code that can display the phone information for all Android mobile phones. Here is how you can use it to open the hidden information menu in Android phones:

  1. Open the phone dialer in Android.
  2. Type *#*#4636#*#* in the phone dialer.Information Menu for Android
  3. You will see a new phone screen with menu to access the phone information, battery information, usage statistics and the Wi-Fi information.
  4. You can press the back button to close this menu.

Under the Phone information it displays the phone number, IMEI code, cell network related information etc. It also gives you options to turn off the radio and make some other changes that define the way your phone connects to the cell network. In the Battery information sub-menu you can see battery temperature, charge level, health status and so on. Under the Usage statistics sub-menu it displays the apps that you used and how many times you used them. Similarly, Wi-Fi information sub-menu gives you information about the Wi-Fi settings and currently connected Wi-Fi networks.

Care must be taken not to make any changes to settings that you do not really understand. Some of the changes made using this information menu can change the way the phone connects to Wi-Fi networks or the mobile networks.