SalientEye Turns Android Phone into Motion Detector Alarm

After getting a new Android phone the first thing many people do is give away their old Android phone, sell it for the price of peanuts, place it in a shoe-box somewhere and forget it, or make it go through some horrible experiments. But you have much better choices, for example, you can turn your old Android smart-phone into a cheap web server or you can convert it into a motion detector alarm using the SalientEye app. The phone can them be used to protect your room, office or some other area of interest that needs to be guarded.

SalientEye app offers a sound alarm and two types of alerts. The sound alarm screams like crazy until you disarm the device. The two types of alerts inform you via SMS and e-mail messages. This gives you a clever choice of alarms and alerts – if you are nearby the guarded area or you just want to scare the possible intruders away, then sound alarm would be perfect. But if you are not close to the protected area and do not want the intruders to know before you catch them red-handed, then turn off the sound alarm and enable the SMS and e-mail alerts. But most people would want sound alarm and both alerts to be enabled.

SalientEye for Android

Once you have enabled the alerts and sound alarm, you can touch the big round lens like graphic in the center of the SalientEye app. This will arm the system. When you arm the system for the very first time, you will have to set the disarm code. After arming, you can place the phone somewhere on a firm surface so that the camera faces the protected area. The phone should be placed such that it should not shake on its own.

Once the phone is armed (it gives a 30 seconds timeout before fully arming it), you can try walking in-front of the camera, or shaking your arms. The phone will instantly start sounding the alarm non-stop. The only way to disarm is to press the back-button and enter the disarm code.

SalientEye for Android

While SalientEye app gives you a quick way of turning any Android phone into a motion detector alarm, you should not use it as a regular alarm, especially if you have an expensive Android phone. It should be used only for temporary protection as it requires leaving your phone somewhere unguarded. For regular protection, you can invest in some professional security devices which are available on Amazon or your local shopping center for very cheap.

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