Tweet Short Audio Messages with Chhirp for Android or iPhone

Twitter started out as a very limited social networking site with only 140 character long messages that you could post. But for some it has added new features that allow you to attach short video or audio media files along with your messages. In these media broadcasts, you can speak out your mind quickly and actually share a message that is virtually longer than 140 characters limit. The new Android app called Chhirp makes use of these media features and helps you tweet your own audio messages recorded through the microphone of your phone. This is in fact much more convenient as you can just speak out into your microphone and post the messages instead of typing something and then posting it.

Chhirp posts these short audio broadcasts directly to your Twitter stream and this is why you have to sign-in to your Twitter account through the Chhirp app. After signing-in you are shown a mic button near the bottom of the phone’s screen. You can touch and hold on this mic button and record your message.

Chhirp App

Since the app posts only short audio messages, you can record the audio messages of only a minute in length. After you are done recording the message, you can release the mic button and touch on the arrow button to proceed and post the message. Before posting the message, you can listen to a preview of the recorded message to see if everything was recorded.

Chhirp App

On your Twitter stream, these short audio messages are posted with a link to the Chhirp messages. You can either play these audio message right there or open the Chhirp website to play them.

Chhirp App

Conclusion: Chhirp makes life simple for Twitter users by helping them record and post short audio messages instead of painfully typing up the messages.

You can get the Chhirp app for Android or iPhone from