WordCreator Generates Random Words or So to Speak

Often when you register for an account for many online services, you have to specify a nick name and if you do not want to use your usual nick name it becomes a bit of struggle to come up with a random nick for the purpose. I have tried asking friends when they are close-by, but usually they suggest ridiculous nick names. So what someone can do to find a good name or word when needed without having to think for it? For situations like this, you can use the free WordCreator tool to generate as many words as you want. But these are not dictionary words or proper words, they just look like words. They are some random combinations of letters from Latin, Greek or Cyrillic alphabets.

WordCreator is a free portable program for Windows. You can launch the program right-away, choose the length of words, number of words, set of syllables and then click on the Create button to generate the list of words. By default, the set of syllables is from the Latin alphabet. But from the menubar Syllable Lists you can choose sets from more than fifty different languages along with some random lists of characters. You can also specify your own list of characters to be used for word generation.


If you are already have a text snippet, word, or phrase and want to know how many times a letter has appeared in it, then you can use the counter feature of WordCreator. Just switch to the Counter tab, copy-paste the word in the “Input” and click on the Count button. Pretty soon, you will see a break down of which letters appear how many times in the input phrase along with their appearance percentage.

You can download WordCreator from http://www.sttmedia.com/wordcreator.