Avoid Inappropriate Videos on YouTube by Enabling Restricted Mode

Sometimes when you are searching through Youtube for some videos to watch, you stumble upon some different kinds of videos that can put you in a very embarrassing situation if you are in the company of your friends or family members. These videos are not for everyone obviously and you do not want any of your children to watch them by accident. To prevent such videos from being shown on Youtube in your web browser or Android smartphone you can follow some easy steps.

1. On Your Desktop PC
In your default web browser, open Youtube web site (https://www.youtube.com/). Scroll down to the very bottom of the web page where you would find the setting for the Restricted Mode near the Youtube logo and the country selected for you. Click on the Restricted Mode, select On and then click on the Save button. This will turn on the restricted mode for Youtube when accessed from  that web browser. The settings are saved in the web browser itself, so it has to be done for each and every browser that you use.

Youtube Restricted Mode

2. In Your Android Phone
In the Youtube app, touch the three dots icons to display the app menu and select Settings to open the Youtube settings screen. On the settings screen, select General and then toggle the Restricted Mode feature to the On state. After this, you will no longer be able to find any inappropriate videos on your mobile phone. This is a setting that every parent should switch to before handing the phone over to the kids.

Youtube Restricted Mode

Youtube is the most popular and loved video sharing community on the internet where people of all ages enjoy watching and sharing their personal videos. If you want to avoid some of the inappropriate videos ad do not want to stumble upon some of the horrible, embarrassing or distasteful videos, then you should enable the restricted mode feature of Youtube.

For more information, visit : https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/174084?hl=en.