Defend Against Android Vulnerabilies with CM Security Lite

While a large number of people have upgraded their smart phones to a newer and more secure version of the Android operating system, there are still millions of users worldwide still stuck on the old and vulnerable versions like Jellybean and KitKat. What is more, there are phone manufacturer companies that are still selling mobile phones running on Android KitKat complete with all the known vulnerabilities. If you have any choice, then you should buy smartphones running on Android 5.1 only as of now. But if you already have an older version of Android on your system, then you can protect it against the known vulnerabilities with the help of CM Security Lite.

The CM Security Lite is a special version of CM Security software designed by Cheetah Mobile labs. The “Lite” in its name indicates that it can run flawlessly even on mobile phones that have less than 1 GB of RAM. And as far as protection is considered, it gives you complete defense against the known Android vulnerabilities and other malware. It also protects you from malicious websites no matter which browser you choose to use on your smartphone.

CM Security Lite

After installing CM Security Lite, you can tap on the Scan button and it will quickly check your phone for vulnerabilities and malware. On my old phone running Android KitKat, it detected three known vulnerabilities – BroadAnyWhere Exploit, Fake ID Exploit and the SMS Phishing vulnerability. By just touching on the Defend or the Resolve All buttons, you can quickly protect your Android phone against all of these.

CM Security Lite

In addition to scanning and removing any malicious apps or malware and providing some level of defense against the known vulnerabilities, CM Security Lite can also protect you when you browse various websites in your mobile phone. There are so many websites that try to install unwanted and malicious apps as you visit them. CM Security Lite can protect you from being a victim of such drive-by downloads.

You can get the CM Security Lite for Android from