GFXplorer Shows Hardware Configuration of Your Windows PC

Although you can have the basic information about the hardware and software of a Windows based PC just by opening the system properties that you can open by pressing the Win + Pause key combination easily. You can also open the system properties window by right-clicking on the “Computer” or the “My PC” icon in Windows File Explorer and selecting Properties from the right-click menu. But the system properties window does not show much details other than the processor and RAM installed in your motherboard. If you want to know a little bit more about your PC’s hardware configuration, then you can use the GFXplorer tool.

The GFXplorer tool for Windows is a portable application that can display some of the technical information, related to both the software and the hardware installed on your PC. Under the “Windows” tab, you can see the information about the operating system (Windows), system memory, system applications (DirectX, .NET) and system folders.

Under the “CPU, RAM, MB” tab, you can see information related to the processor (CPU), physical memory (RAM), motherboard and the BIOS/UEFI related information. You can also view the information related to the multimedia capacities of your PC under the “Video, Audio. Drive” tab. This tab also displays the capacities of local disks attached to your computer.


If you want to launch some of the native system tools available in Windows , then you can check the “Tools” tab. If you want to save the system information displayed by GFXplorer, then you can click on the Export button and save it in form of a plain text file.

Conclusion: GFXplorer is a simple, portable tool that gives you a bit more detailed information about your system’s hardware, operating system installed and some of the system software available on it.

You can download GFXplorer from