How to Remove Web Push Permissions from Mozilla Firefox

Some web sites use web push notifications to display some important messages or alerts even when you have closed the web page. For example, your web mail provider can display alerts about new email messages using the web push notifications so you can know about the new messages as soon as they are received without your having to check the web mail page again and again. But before a web site can display such notifications, you have to give them permissions to do so. Once you have given the permissions and you want to remove some or all of those, then you can do so easily from the Firefox options in the following manner:

  1. Type about:preferences#content in the address bar of Firefox and press Enter. Alternatively, you can open Options from the Firefox menu and then switch to the Content section.Firefox Web Push Notifications
  2. Under the Notifications section, click on the Change button.
  3. On your screen will appear a list of all the sites that you have given permissions to display web push notifications. You can select the sites  that you want to remove the permissions from and click on the Remove button. You can also remove permissions from all the sites by clicking on the Remove All button.Firefox Web Push Notifications
  4. Finally, click on the Save Changes button to save the permissions and you are done.

If at any later time, you want to restore the permissions given to the websites for displaying the web push notifications, then you have to revisit those sites once again and give the permissions when asked. If you want to create a backup for all the permissions, then you can backup the file content-prefs.sqlite located in the Firefox profile folder.