iBetterCharge Helps iPhone Stay Charged

Even though Android devices have become a real force to reckon with in the field of mobile devices, Apple iPhone remains popular among the young generation mainly because it is so expensive. But as with every other battery powered device in the world, the Apple iPhone also start discharging quicker and quicker with time. My iPhone that I bought last year used to stay charged for 2 days without any problems, but now I have to charge it every single day. There is a simple workaround to keep it from being discharged too often – just keep it plugged in to your PC when you are working.

The freeware application iBetterCharge facilitates the charging of your iPhone whenever its battery starts to drain below a certain level. This way you do not have to keep your iPhone plugged into your PC via a USB cable all the time.


The iBetterCharge uses the WiFi network of your iPhone via the iTunes software. So for it to work, you have to install iTunes on your PC or Mac and then install iBetterCharge on it. Then plugin the iPhone to your PC/Mac via a USB data cable. Usually iBetterCharge automatically detects a new iPhone device, but you can also manually click on the taskbar icon and choose to add a new device. You can add more than one devices if you have many iPhone devices.

Once the device has been added, there is no further need to keep it connected to your PC/Mac through the USB data cable. The iBetterCharge utility can find out the status of the battery through iTunes library being synced over the WiFi.


Now whenever the battery of your iPhone drains below a certain level, it shows audio-visual warning on your computer’s screen. You can choose various preferences related to warnings displayed and the battery status when this warning is displayed. This is when you should connect the iPhone in question to your PC via the USB cable or connect it to a travel charger to start charging the battery.

The iBetterCharge app is available for both Mac and PC from http://softorino.com/ibettercharge/.