Play Decades Old Games Once Again with ScummVM

The people who grew up as teenagers in the 90’s know how much the gaming scene has changed in the last couple of decades. Back in the early 90’s, people were thrilled to see the side scrolling games on their expensive game boxes and now they are crinkling their nose even at the latest games designed for Playstation 4. If you are one of the old timers who have played the vintage games of the early 90’s and still miss those days then you can have a nostalgia revisit through ScummVM  – a gaming console emulator for the very old games of the days gone by.

ScummVM is very popular for its platform independent design. You can use it to play the old games in almost every platform that you can think of – Windows, Linux, Mac, Playstation, Android, iOS, Symbian, Amiga OS and many more. Recently, it has also been ported as a Modern App for Windows – so you can actually install and use it in your Windows mobile.

ScummVM is just an emulator, it needs some of the game disk images to work with before you can play those games. If you do not have any of those old floppy disks (who has them, really?) then ScummVM offers some freeware versions of the once popular games to be downloaded from their website. You can download games like Beneath a Steel Sky, Dreamweb, Lure of the Temptress etc., from their website.


After downloading the games all you have to do is click on the Add Game button, select the folder (don’t select the game files) where the downloaded games files are kept and click on the Choose button. The games are then displayed in a list for you. You can select a game and click on the Start button to play the games and go to a journey of nostalgia. Despite the now-bad-looking graphics, the games have a solid story to follow and can actually engage you for hours.


Conclusion: ScummVM is a powerful emulator for playing many of the retro games that works across a wide array of platforms including Windows, Windows Mobile, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS. It is definitely a must for all of those who dream of playing the retro games once again in their life.

You can download ScummVM from