Aegis : Batch Scripts to Stop Windows 10 Upgrade on Windows 7/8.x

As soon as Windows 10 was released, people became concerned about the various components of the popular operating system trying to send the data back to Microsoft servers. Later on Microsoft decided to install the Get Windows X (GWX) program on all the Windows 7 and 8 computers through the Automatic Updates feature. Obviously, some people disliked it and developed many tools and scripts to disable all the spying, data feedback and advertising about Windows 10. The Aegis is also a set of tools and scripts developed by Voat forums for taking care of the unwanted upgrade to Windows 10.

You can download the Aegis scripts from its github page at Extract the contents to a folder and then run aegis.cmd script. Since the script makes some system level changes, it must be run with administrator level privileges. You can do this by right-clicking on aegis.cmd and selecting Run as administrator. This script performs nine steps and in each step performs actions to disable or remove the spying components from Windows.

Aegis Voat

In the step 1, it optionally creates a restore point so that all the changes can be easily reversed if and when needed. In the step 2, it disables the GWX, Onedrive and other unnecessary software from your system. In the step 3, it disables Windows 10 download folder where Windows 10 installation files are downloaded. In the step 4, many of the Windows updates are removed. In the step 5, some of the problematic updates are hidden so that they no longer get downloaded. In the step 6 and 7, some of the scheduled tasks and diagtrack are disabled. In the step 8 and 9, some registry values are modified and some entries are added to the hosts file.

Unfortunately, they do not provide any undo script, so you should better create a restore point when it offers you to create one. This script should work fine on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 without any problems.

You can read more about the Aegis script at